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Razzia in Putten
Crimes committed by the Wehrmacht in a Dutch township

On Sunday, 1 October 1944, a few hours after the Resistance had attacked a car transporting German soldiers on the main road between Nijkerk and Putten, a Wehrmacht regiment sealed off the Dutch village of Putten. Men, women and children were rounded up from a wide radius and herded together on the village square. On Monday 2 October, 660 men were transported to German concentration camps as a reprisal for the unexplained attack. That evening, over one hundred homes in Putten went up in flames. It turned out, after the liberation, that less than 10% of the men had survived the privations of the camps.

The round-up in Putten is a unique event in the German occupation of the Netherlands. Even so, in the past fifty years, not a single historical study has been published on the tragedy. In this book Madelon de Keizer invites the reader to listen to the voices that told the story of Putten after the war – each in their own way. De Keizer penetrates to the ‘truth’ about Putten and offers many fresh angles to enrich research into the occupation years.

“an impressing study (...) a memorial for Putten” HET PAROOL

“she transcends the genre of regional historiography (...) a revealing book in many respects.” TROUW

“the story of Putten and the perception of the historiographer are successively addressed in beautiful cadence.” DE GROENE AMSTERDAMMER

“The clinical dissection of the Putten tragedy is a skilful piece of historical craftsmanship, and well written into the bargain.” LEEUWARDER COURANT